Ride from Oregon to Washington DC will raise money for veterans & first responders

Salem, Oregon: US Air Force SSGT Brad Brunhaver, 48, plans to undertake two cross-country motorcycle rides to raise funds for charity, supporting both veterans and first responders. The first ride will take place Memorial weekend 2018, the second in 2019. He will begin his ride in Salem, Oregon and end in Washington, DC at the Rolling Thunder Rally. During his ride he hopes to, in his words, “Get to the good of this country, get to what makes our country great.”

As a disabled Air Force veteran, Brad knows first hand the need of veterans and first responders. He spent 6 years in the Air Force and 2 years in the Reserves, including time in the Desert Storm conflict. He’s humble about his own service, looking instead to honor veterans both living and deceased. He’s also passionate about our first responders that, like our military troops, give generously of themselves so that others may not only survive, but also thrive.

Brad recently said “I can’t wait to make a difference for some awesome non-profits for veterans and first responders!” He’s raising money to share with recipients of his chosen charities. Here are two examples of how the funds will be shared. First, he provided financial assistance to a Marine veteran dealing with the cancer and loss of his combat and service dog. Second, he shared some donation money with two 84-year-old WWII veterans that became homeless after mortgage troubles.

You can help Brad do this great work. He’s looking for support from his local, Salem, Oregon area community, along with the communities he will travel through on his trek to DC. A few of things he’s seeking are:

  • Sponsorships
  • Places to stay along his route
  • Volunteers
  • Funds to share with the veterans and first responders of his charities
  • And more… (See BradsRide.Com for complete list of ways you can help)

If you’re interested and want to know about the event and how you can help, Brad is hosting an event on October 26, 2017. Check the Facebook page and the website for more information.

About Brad’s Ride: More information about Brad and his ambitious ride can be found at www.bradsride.com and on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/bradsrideforvets/. Brad can also be reached at 503-551-3277 or via [email protected].

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